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Power moves

Power moves are some of the flashiest and most impressive elements of breakdance. They are often the centerpieces of routines featuring many other breakdance moves. However, most b-boys dislike those who use only power moves (called power heads).

The three most widely recognized power moves are the swipe, windmill, and flare. Other less well-known but equally challenging and impressive moves include Halos and Air Tracks, and some breakers place 1990s and their sister 2000s in the category of power moves. All of the above can be modified in subtle ways to add interest and display individual style.

These breaks often require incredible upper-body strength, proprioception, and flexibility to complete. They rely heavily on momentum, often achieved by swinging the legs and twisting the torso in a circular motion. The arms, especially the triceps and shoulders, usually bear the body's weight in uncommon positions while the abdominals and lower back muscles must whip the legs around as needed. The pectorals and muscles of the upper back are also taxed.
* Air Flare: A variant of the Flare.
* Air Track: A variant of Air Flare.
* Flare: A widely recognized power move that involves swinging the legs around in a circular motion while balancing on the hands.
o King Flares/Hopping Flares: A flare that is done while hopping from hand to hand.
o Virgin Flares: A flare that is done with closed legs.
* Swipes: A widely recognized power move in which the breaker twists their upper body in the air followed by their legs..
* Windmills/Mills: A widely recognized power move in which the breaker rotates on the upper body while swinging their legs.
o Halos/Tracks: A variant of the windmill that involves balancing on the head.
* Foreign Flare* First get your flare on then put your both legs snapped back and make your arms jump then do the same again.
* Crickets: A float that involves hopping around in a circular motion while in the hanglide position.
o Jackhammers: Crickets on one hand.
* Turtles: A float that involves balancing on both hands and walking in a circular motion.
o Pumping Turtle/Darkhammers: A hopping float.
o UFO/Air Turtle: An un-stabbed spinning float.

* 90s: A spinning one-handed handstand.
o 2000s: A 1990 with your spare hand on top of your supporting hand.
o Elbow Spin: A spin on the elbow.
* Back Spin: A spin on the back.
* Butt Spin: A spin on the butt.
* Handglide/Handspin: A type of spin performed while balanced in a one-handed float position.
* Headspin: A spin on the head.
o Drills: A variant of the headspin.

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